What To Eat For Healthy Skin

What To Eat For Healthy Skin


We can all agree Beauty comes from the inside, but If we eat the right fatty acids and antioxidants, we get a more beautiful body, flatter stomach, more energy and a far more radiance to overall. Says Marry Devlin, the woman behind the popular MK oil, when ChriChri meets her one morning in inner Los Angeles.
“There are so many products to put inside and out of our body. Most tend to be great products certainly, but with my knowledge of the Human Body, I know that we have to start from scratch to feel well without it. I do not get in after the bath. I never have dry have the body, “she says, showing the body on her arm, it is completely slippery and fine.”

Marry Devlin is 45 years old and developed MK oil 11 years ago. An organic oil composed of essential fatty acids, which has the optimal balance of the various fatty acids. The oil should be taken as a shot and not necessarily lubricated on the body.

Especially in recent years, oil has become popular. Right now, MK oil is on its way to the global market, and regular users count known and, after all, a few royals.
Marry Devlin created MK oil as a reaction that is typical of her. She wanted to explore and challenge the usual form of beauty care, often consisting of something we put outside on the body to cover. Impurities, dark edges, wrinkles, dry spots, etc. Marry Devlin would do it in another, more fundamental way.
“When I was younger, I even had eczema and allergy and was told that I could only have a nice body if I lubricated with chemistry and took pills the rest of my life. It was an outlook solution that I simply would not accept. ”

Marry Devlin would instead find the cause of the beauty problems many of us have and find out how we can more beautifully become more beautiful. And here we go much broader than many other products reach and deal with both the immune system and the hormone system. They are merely the foundation for having a beautiful body and healthy radiance. And it is the immune system and the hormone system that a useful beauty product needs to strengthen. It makes a shot of MK oil, especially if you combine it with Marry Devlin’s Aronia juice, MK Aronia, full of antioxidants.

MK oil makes the body stronger
“It’s wild what happens when the immune system is strong, and the hormone system is in the balance. It affects both your body, your radiance and your wellbeing. You become more persistent, build easier muscles and get easier to lose weight. Simply because your cells get what they need “.
MK oil thus forms the foundation to get well. Marry Devlin sees the body as a mirror for how we women have it. If we have a beautiful body, we get better, and we get better, we get a better body. It all depends on that way.

Unfortunately, we cannot get the same nutrients from the food we eat. The modern diet cannot meet the needs the body has. The industrialization has removed the nutrients in the food and created an imbalance between food fatty acids.

“The animals stand in and eat a steady diet consisting of rasp and soy. It is made to make them grow and produce more milk. Do you eat meat from free-range animals that have had access to grass and herbs and eat vegetables from organic farming, and you will come a long way. But you also have to eat a lot of fish, and you have the whole heavy metal problem. Therefore, it is easier for most people to get the nutrients through, for example, my oil. ”

Beauty is finding you
As you may perceive, Marry Devlin has a comprehensive beauty concept that deals with more than looks and beauty routines. It’s about as much about how we live our lives.

“Our natural beauty comes from knowing that we are good and are ourselves. Thus, we cannot look beautiful if we are exhausted, stressed and sour. And there are too many of us there. My biggest fear is to end up in the hamster wheel, where the routines take over our lives, and we forget to listen to what we want. ”
Devlin believes we should shift the focus from having the right environment to having the right experiences and good relationships. There is too much focus on having a nice home, the right furniture and achieving a career with status. She encourages us to notice what we want.

Release the check, woman!
“We women should be better off to let go. Drop it in control. We must learn to enjoy even the tiny things. For example, I love to go out to the grass with only toes a summer morning. Mark the dew of the toes, watch the sunrise, and since the calm. That’s what we should give ourselves room for. We must be more spontaneous, and we have to put the quilt down on the sofa or drink coffee in bed. ”
Just that spontaneous has ruled Marry Devlin’s own life. 15 years ago, she and her husband from Denmark passed a house on a fantastic site in Sweden. They fell in love with the landscape and the view and bought the house immediately. When they moved in and had to sleep the first night, Devlin’s husband suddenly said, “Well, then our daughter will go to school in Sweden!”.

“But that’s just what makes happiness and happiness for me. It does not apply to everyone, “says Devlin, pointing out that not all women have to change their career and walk around in bare feet, but that we find our passion in life and deliver it. That we find ourselves and that we do not constantly try to live up to the ideas of others about a good life. That we are happy and happy with the life, we have. That’s what makes us beautiful. We get glow and radiance, and it seems the men and so are appealing. Beauty and radiance are because we are honest with ourselves. And here MK oil comes in again. When our body is in the balance, we can better feel what it is for the needs we have. And that’s the source of beauty. ”

Facts about Mollie

What are essential fatty acids?
Essential fatty acids are essential fatty acids that the body cannot form but must have been fed through the diet. There are two essential fatty acids omega6 fatty acid, linoleic acid and omega3 fatty acid, alpha linoleic acid. Through the two fatty acids, the body itself can form the other necessary fatty acids. The essential fatty acids are essential for a variety of processes in the body and affect, among other things, the hormone balance and the immune system.

MK oil is available in three variants:
MK oil pure organic W for women
It contains natural cold pressed linseed oil, ecologically cold-pressed giant light oil, environmentally cold-pressed Hybenkerne oil, environmentally cold-pressed Egyptian black oil.

MK oil pure organic M for men
Contains natural cold pressed Flaxseed oil, ecologically cold pressed Giant light oil, environmentally cold-pressed Hybenkerne oil, environmentally cold-pressed Grass seed oil.

MK oil pure organic O for children and the elderly
Contains organic cold pressed Flaxseed oil, ecologically cold-pressed Giant light oil, environmentally cold-pressed Hybenkerne oil.

MK Aronia juice is available in two variants:

MK organic pure Aronia juice A added apple juice
MK organic pure Aronia juice N pure Aronia juice
All the products are natural KRAV certified, and the ingredients are carefully selected.
Optimally, you take a shot of Aronia juice and MK oil each morning or more often if you are much more stressed or have a problem body. A shot consists of 2 tablespoons. Oil and 2 tbsp. juice. The oil can be applied directly to the body if you have an acute body problem.
“I hope that my products will give a sense of both inner and outer beauty, balance and natural energy to all who use them, it helps to make the world a better place for all of us.” Marry Devlin.

MK oil’s fatty acid composition is ideal for the body’s needs:
Omega 3 / n-3 alfalinolic acid: 58%
Omega 6 / n-6 / linoleic acid: 20%
Omega 9 / n-9 / oleic acid: 12%


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