Natural beauty from inside and outside

Natural beauty from inside and outside

Natural Beauty – How to Get It?

What, of course, is beautiful? For years, I have tried to make my appearance as environmentally friendly as possible with natural products from the Protestant house. I would instead mention my deep oil because one can not only live on the open meadow.

Natural beauty can be cultivated with a few hands, without a green thumb. One just looks at the ingredients of the different cosmetic products after the right, and so spares his body. I call it the gentle beauty of everyday life because it makes you look every day. For this, you need not fall into the Schminktopf, but perhaps only once briefly Kopfüber with the face ahead into the Aloe vera Cremetopf or the Shea butter cream. Natural beauty thrives almost by itself, even if I have to help her sometimes.

Natural beauty is just the best thing you can give your body. Natural beauty cosmetics consist of subtle cosmetic products. Only conceal something where nature has failed. Highlight subtly and naturally the places on your body, which have best succeeded in life. Then you look as if you had nothing artificially altered or concealed. Natural beauty also radiates from the inside. Who is satisfied with himself and his body, is beautiful from the house.


Naturally beautiful with water

Drink yourself from the inside out. Use water to get the best results. Juice is too sweet and contains sugar. You should drink mineral water only when it is natural, without additives or flavorings, because they provide sugar and chemical substances. Water is like a body lotion from inside because it tightens the skin and can alleviate wrinkles. Three liters of water daily is recommended if you use skin care.

Natural beauty for the soul

A balanced soul life is in our hectic time like a luxury item, which we can not buy ourselves. A whole and happy soul illuminates the whole body, and it looks beautiful and attractive. One can still so much cosmetics on the skin paste, if the soul is not in balance, the body can barely radiate beauty. We then realize this by our fellow men, who are a bit distant when our soul is holiday-ridden.

Treat yourself to a beautiful day, a wellness weekend or a message. This is a luxury for the satisfaction of the soul. Just get annoyed about every third thing, and not over every snippet, this is a tremendous relief for the soul. And treat yourself well, then one day you radiate as much energy as if you had just walked through a power plant.

Of course, with green tea.

Our face needs lots of love and attention. Some faces scream for a little more affection and ask for a small peeling or a touch of care. Bring your face, and you’re decollete into shape with green tea. To do so, make a cup of tea, let him pull four minutes and dab the drink with a cotton ball on the face and neck.

After ten minutes you wash everything off, and the natural beauty treatment is finished. The green tea cleans the pores, tightens the skin and protects it against harmful environmental influences. Naturally, you achieve similar effects with many natural herbs and medicinal plants. Suitable for the surface, it is definitely when you gradually replace the chemical products with natural care products. You will be amazed how your skin can look forward to when it comes into contact with the pure nature. It blooms like the bell-flowers in the spring.

Naturally beautiful from within

Eat well, but do not eat too much. The beautiful appearance grows from within, for just as we grow out of the smallest cell, our external beauty also develops. How much fruit and vegetables do you eat in one day? Will it be an evening without you having a healthy meal, or would you like to have an apple every day?

Look at the various fruits and vegetables and see what vitamins are in it. Our body needs all its vitamins for its beauty and not only vitamins. A vitamin alone cannot survive, it dies with loneliness, and therefore only a lot of vitamins in cooperation and unity are healthy and beauty-promoting.

When you are fed up from the inside and eat nicely, consider your body as a whole. I am taking a natural dietary supplement for the eyes. When I was a bit blind, I thought, now I put it off because my eyes no longer need it. My hair became thin and no longer alive, my nails became brittle, and the skin called for help. Then I realized that my whole body was kept beautiful by the vitamins, and not just a part of me.

Beauty comes from the inside also by beautiful thoughts. If you love yourself intensively once a day, think you are Cleopatra, then your body will always be more attractive.


Natural Beauty Doesn’t Stop Here.

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